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How Semi-Permanent Makeup Works

Semi-permanent makeup has exploded onto the market and has become one of the premier techniques that people are using to stay youthful and look beautiful. So how does it all work? That is what this article is all about. We are going discuss about how long the procedure lasts and what are some of the side effects and overall what is the process of getting this done.

Essentially, cosmetic makeup that is permanent will be a tattoo on your facial features that will act as makeup and enhance your already beautiful face. Pigments of color will be applied under the first few layers of your skin and this is called the dermal layer and they will act as eyeliner, lip liner, lip color or even eyebrow color. It all depends on exactly what you achieve.

Does something like this going to hurt? This is very common query that many people ask and it all depends on what your pain threshold is and how you tolerate them. While it might be somehow uncomfortable, most of the time the procedure has very little to no pain at all. Before something like this is started, the expert technician will apply anesthetic creams, that way the pain and discomfort will be very less.

As far as the side-effects for this makeup procedure, there can be some bleeding and bruising and a little bit of swelling, however the tenderness should go away in just a few days, at the most a week. So you should not have to be worried about any long-lasting side effects at all.

As you can see, semi-permanent makeup is not that difficult to get, very long-lasting and the side-effects are very minimum. So why not get permanent makeup done?

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