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Why Use Semi Permanent Makeup and Who Can Benefit From It?

Just imagine getting up in the early morning with beautifully and perfectly designed eyebrows, pretty and alluring defined wide awake eyes and sensual looking lips. Just imagine the money and time saved from not having to apply and reapply regular makeup. Most women apply make up in the belief that they look better and feel more attractive, boosting their self confidence. Avoid the hassle having to apply it, at least once a day.

These treatments do not replace cosmetics entirely, the procedures are designed to give you the fresh and natural look. When you want to enjoy an evening out, you can apply as much additional make up as you desire. The color is placed in your skin and more natural softer look appears, leaving you with eyebrows that frame your face, eyeliner giving you the wide awake look and full sultry looking lips 24/7.

Whilst on holiday you can enjoy the security of knowing that you are not presenting yourself 'bare' and at the same time wear makeup that will not come off. This gives confidence and freedom to many and most women who worry about their appearance.

Some reasons why you would benefit from Semi Permanent Make Up.

- Vision impaired people who cannot see to apply makeup.

- Loss of hair from alopecia or chemotherapy.

- Sufferers from Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease etc.

- The ageing process reduces fullness of brows and lashes.

- Allergies to conventional make up products.

- Over plucking.

- New relationships.

- Active lifestyles such as Athletes or Swimmers.

- People who work enjoying the outdoor life.

- If you like the natural no makeup looks, giving the freedom from daily application.

- Busy people will find it convenient, giving them more time.

- Those who simply take pride in their appearance.

Semi permanent cosmetics are designed to be an enhancement of your natural features, but you can always add conventional make up for extra definition.

This procedure promotes self esteem giving you a sparkle with your new found confidence.

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If you want to enhance your lip line or awaken your eyes with the perfect liner wing, permanent make up services by Charlotte Taylor SPM will be perfect for you!

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