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Alternative Methods of Makeup Application

If you were to take a survey and ask women which part of their daily morning routine they wish they could eliminate all together, you might be surprised at the results. Most likely a good percentage of women would vote for getting rid of putting on makeup every morning. That's because putting on makeup is a tedious and time consuming part of getting ready. But of course, most women won't leave the house without it. Then at the end of the day, they wash it all off and repeat the process again in the morning. It's not exactly what you'd call in efficient process. Fortunately, there are alternatives.

Permanent makeup is an option many women might not be familiar with. If you took another survey to find out the percentage of women that wish they could just go to bed without washing off makeup and wake up looking beautiful the next morning, the numbers would be high. But that option is available now. Permanent makeup is applied by licensed permanent cosmetic artists and is applied similarly to a tattoo. It is similar because pigment is applied to punctures in the skin for a semi permanent makeup solution. At a reputable permanent cosmetic agency, the shade of hypoallergenic ion-oxide based coloring pigments and placement of permanent makeup are chosen by the client and then applied by trained and certified technicians. Common areas of application include the lower and upper eyelid to eliminate the need for daily eyeliner use. Eyebrows, lip liner, and eyelash enhancement are also popular and demanding. If you're tired of applying makeup every day, permanent makeup can be a great solution.

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