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Frequently Asked Questions

What is permanent makeup?
 Permanent makeup also known as micropigmentation is an advanced form of tattooing, where a specialist machine and needles are used to gently implant pigment into the skin. 

How long does the treatment take?
Depending on what treatment you decide on you will usually be in the treatment room for around 2 hours. Lip treatments may take up to 2.5 hours. A re-touch is included for new treatments, required 4 weeks to 6 weeks after your initial appointment which usually takes 1 hour.

Is the complimentary retouch necessary?
The retouch is not compulsory. Charlotte highly recommends it however it is not always necessary. Results can vary from person to person.

What is a patch test, do I need one?
A patch test is required to check for allergies this is offered to all new clients. Once you have booked and paid your deposit, Charlotte will send the patch test through the post along with a medical health and pre-treatment advice form.

Will you draw in the shapes first and go through colours?
Yes. Before going ahead with any new treatment, Charlotte spends around 30 minutes choosing the perfect colour to compliment skin tone. Charlotte uses a wide range of award winning pigments. Charlotte will then measure the perfect shape to suit your facial features. Everyone’s face is different so each brow is bespoke to the client. Charlotte will not go ahead with the treatment until you are completely happy with shape and colour.

How do I secure an appointment?
You can contact Charlotte through telephone, email or her social media pages. Once agreed on a slot, a deposit/booking fee is required to secure the appointment under your name. No reservation is possible without this payment. The deposit can be accounted towards your treatment price but it is non-refundable. 

What if I cannot attend my appointment anymore?
 Please do notify Charlotte at least 7 days before the booked appointment and she can help you reschedule for a different date. With sufficient notice alternatively , Charlotte can retain the deposit for a future booking for yourself , friend or family member.

 My eyebrows seemed to have disappeared or have patches, what do I do?
Please do not panic! This is an expected part of the healing process. As the pigment heals through the different layers of the skin it can sometimes seem to fade away. The colour will then push back through over the next 4-6 weeks. The area can take up to 6 weeks to fully heal. If you experience colour unevenness remember a retouch visit is offered to new clients.


How long will it last?
Permanent makeup usually lasts 12–18 months depending on the individuals skin, age group, lifestyle, medications as well as aftercare. Exposure to the sun may also fade permanent makeup. Colour boosts are required to help minimise the colour change that can occur from the above factors.

What is the difference between microblading and semi-permanent makeup?


Semi-permanent makeup 
Also known as micro pigmentation, this method uses a medical grade specialist machine to gently implant pigment into the skin using a variety of sterile needles depending on the look required. With this method you can create fine hair stroke brows, a powder shaded brow, lip and eyeliner treatments.



A pen like device with a disposable configuration of tiny needles creating a blade is used to gently glide over the skin creating tiny scratches in the form of hair strokes into the skin. The pigment is then laid over the hair strokes. The outcome will leave you with sharp crisp hair strokes to give an ultra-realistic look.

Both microblading and digital method allow you to have fine natural hair strokes. As an eyebrow specialist during your consultation Charlotte will be analysing your skin type and facial characteristics and discussing what you would like to achieve before deciding on which method of is suitable for you.

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