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Eyebrows are an extremely important feature to the face. With the correct shape they can draw attention to the eyes and frame the face.Many factors can affect the growth of our eyebrow hair. Semi - permanent makeup is the perfect answer to having the brows you have always dreamed of.

Eyebrow treatments by Charlotte are bespoke to each client.


All treatments include a comprehensive consultation. Charlotte will talk to you in detail about the process answering any questions you may have about the procedure and what it is you are wanting to achieve. Charlotte will assess your skin type and advice which brow method would be best suited, whether it be it the digital machine method or microblading, a powder brow or hair stroke brow. Charlotte will go through colours and match the perfect pigment suited to your skin tone. Then the brows are drawn on with a pencil, Charlotte will design a shape best suited to your face shape and one that will define your best features. Only until you are 100% happy with the shape will Charlotte begin the treatment.

Digital Machine Method

Using a specialist machine, Charlotte will gently implant pigment to the skin using a variety of sterile needles depending on the look required. Different techniques can be achieved with the digital machine method whether it be hair strokes or a shaded powder brow. The treatment usually takes around 1 hour but can vary on person to person.


A pen like device with a configuration of tiny needles creating a blade is used to gently glide over the skin creating small scratches in the form of hair strokes into the skin. The pigment is then laid over the top of the hair stokes. The treatment usually takes around 1 hour but can vary from person to person. The outcome will leave you with sharp crisp hair strokes to give a ultra-realistic look.

The Retouch

A free retouch appointment is needed 4-6 weeks after your first treatment. In this appointment Charlotte will go over the brows and add more pigment where needed. It is normal for brows to become patchy in the first few weeks. This is because the skin is healing and some parts may not hold in the skin as well. Charlotte is not always able to determine the healing process as each client is different. It is always advised each client attends for their retouch

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