Eyebrow treatments
Hair stroke brows (gives the effect of fine hair strokes to give a natural look to the brows) - £350
 Powder brow/ Powder Ombre brow- (soft shading to give a fuller pencilled look) -£350

Combination brow - (A mixture of hair strokes and shading to give an impact defined look to the brows) - £375

Lip Treatments

Lip liner £350 (standard lip line)

Lip blush / Ombre lip - (A lipliner blended into the natural lip colour, this can also be part blended to give an Ombre look) £400

Full lipstick -(Full lip colour) £425

Eyeliner Treatments

Lash enhancement -(Gives the effect of soft shading throughout the lash line) -£300

Natural eyeliner- (slightly thicker liner through the lashes and onto the lid) -£350

Latino flick (intense liner into a flick on the outer eye) -£400

Colour boosts

Within 12 months of last treatment £175

12-18 months £200

After 18 months full price

All these prices include a consultation, a patch test to check for allergies, your initial procedure,

aftercare and a FREE retouch treatment.

A deposit fee is required for all bookings. Once paid this deposit is non-refundable.