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Semi Permanent Make Up - Is It Safe?

Semi permanent makeup also known as permanent make up is a beauty treatment in which minutes particles of pigments are implanted in the dermal layer of the skin. This treatment requires the use of a hand piece which holds sterile needle or groups of needles. The depth to which the pigments will be implanted depends on the area of the face that needed enhancement.

The eyes are a sensitive part of the face and this is the main reason it needed the most caution. Eyebrows or the lips can be penetrated a little deeper. Semi permanent make-up is quite popular and most demanding among women in recent days, but is the procedure safe?

Semi permanent make-up treatment is carried out by very expert and competent technicians and is very safe. This treatment has also been medically approved and has got plenty of benefits. The pigments used in this treatment are made from natural minerals and are chosen based on their nontoxic and hypoallergenic properties. This treatment is trusted and recommended by cosmetic surgeons and technicians all over the globe.

Technicians carrying out this treatment adhere to strict sanitation and hygiene treatments and use sterile needles in order to ensure complete safety. Anaesthetic creams are used before the treatment in order to reduce pain and discomfort. Majority of people do not feel any pain at all, but some people do feel a prickly sensation.

There may also be slight swelling, but this will quickly heal if care is taken following the semi permanent make-up treatment. Upon completion of this semi permanent make-up procedure, technicians will provide you with few tips and medication that will help you during the recovery period and ensure that you achieve the best results as you desired.

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