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How to Choose a Semi Permanent Make Up Technician

Ever considered semi permanent make up or SPMU? If you would like to add natural enhancement to your features, semi permanent make up is the best thing that you can choose. Although SPMU treatment is a non-surgical procedure, it is really important to choose a technician who has a beauty or medical qualification. Presented below are some of the things that you need to consider when choosing a semi permanent makeup technician?

SPMU technicians should not be chosen on price alone. In order to produce tremendous results, it takes years of practice and this is probably the first thing that you must consider which can help you choose an elite technician. Some of the questions that you must get answered and things that you must find out before getting a technician to perform SPMU are:

- How many years of experience does the technician have?

- Does the technician have an extensive portfolio that can help you decide whether to choose him or not?

- Is he willing to provide patient references?

- Does he provide post customer care?

- What is the price range? (Prices which are too low indicates inexperience)

- Before and after photos of patients

- Certifications and licensing

These questions can help you determine whether you are making a good choice or not. This will help you determine the kind of results you will achieve. Permanent make up is an art and your goal should be to find the right artist that will help you achieve the results that you desire.

Charlotte is an advanced, fully qualified, registered and insured permanent make up & skin treatment specialist in Leeds and was trained at Nouveau Contour, the UK's leading micro-pigmentation organisation.

Get in touch with Charlotte Taylor SPM if you are looking for Semi permanent make up in Leeds or microblading in Leeds and adjoining areas at very competitive rates.

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