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Semi Permanent Make-up - 5 Top Questions Answered

Semi permanent make-up is becoming more popular and demanding these days among celebrities and not just for medical reasons either.

Women are choosing to have these procedures carried out to save plenty of time and worry of applying and reapplying make-up during the entire day.

This type of cosmetic make-up gives people a flawless look for months and you don't have to worry about taking it off at nights or reapplying after swimming or bathing.

The famous have been using this type of beauty treatment for many years but as this is fairly new to the ordinary folk, you may have some questions to ask before you decide on trying any treatments for yourself.

Here in this short article, I will answer five of the top questions that are frequently asked about semi permanent make-up to help you along the way.

1. What exactly is it? It's basically a beauty procedure in which pigmentation is placed in the dermal layer of your skin by using a disposable applicator. It's a bit like tattooing because but the colour will stay under your skin for around five years.

2. How long does it last? On average, it will last one to three years with a gradual fading of the colour. It cannot be washed off and will not run or smudge in the shower or bath. This will also depend on your skin type and how often you are exposed to the sun. It's sometimes recommended that you have a little refresher of colour after twelve to eighteen months.

3. Is it safe? Yes it is very safe. Each person will have sterile equipment used on them by the technician and allergy tests should be carried out before the actual procedure. No chemicals are used and it's known that doctors approve of it for medical purposes.

4. Does it hurt? Dependent on each person's pain threshold, it can be a little uncomfortable but for most people they do not find it painful. Salons can use creams before and after treatments to ensure that the client is as comfortable as possible.

5. Where on the body can it be done? The most common areas to be done are eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner and full lip blush. There are many other parts of the body that can be done too and medical make up for things such as scars is an option for some people.

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