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Semi Permanent Make Up - So, What Can Be Achieved?

Eyebrows - For all those who have very thin eyebrows or lack of eyebrow hair their brows can be sculpted and defined to provide a fuller looking brow. By having the eyebrows enhanced in this way it can have an anti-aging effect as it appears to lift the face, open the eyes and make you look more attractive and youthful.

These youthful looking brows can be achieved by either tattooing on what looks like individual hairs or by applying a mist of colour which will sit under your existing brow hair resulting in beautifully shaped brows which will compliment your natural features.

If you had Permanent Eyebrows you would no longer have to worry about using an eyebrow pencil which can often get smudged.

Eyes - If you are looking for more depth around the Eyes you can have a soft and subtle shadow applied between the eyelashes.

Moreover, if you are looking for a stronger and more defined line your make- up can be applied above the eyelash line which means your eyeliner will be perfectly applied everyday and it would never smudge or run.

Lips - A soft and natural lip blush can really make your lips look more attractive, youthful, vibrant and fuller.

It is a tremendous anti-aging procedure and you can have whichever shade suits your face or desire.

Beauty Spots - ever wanted to enhance your face with a beauty spot, semi permanent make-up is a tremendous choice for this, beauty spots are very popular and demanding and they can add glamour to your face.

Are you looking for expert Permanent Makeup Professional in Leeds? Get in touch with Charlotte Taylor SPM for perfect Eyebrow tattooing Leeds or Eyebrow tattoo Leeds at best possible rates.

Contact us for Semi permanent makeup Leeds today!

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