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Why Choose Semi Permanent Make Up? 7 Reasons Why You Might

Semi Permanent Make -up is becoming very popular and demanding in recent time, it is getting huge coverage in the media now as celebrities are having treatments and as more and more technicians are being trained it is becoming more affordable as well.

It is basically having your make up tattooed on.

Why would you choose to have Semi Permanent Make-up?

1) In case you have lost your Eyebrow hair for some reason this treatment could be perfect for you, maybe you over plucked your eyebrows and now the hair won't grow back or maybe you suffer from a condition that has caused your eyebrow hair to fall out, chemotherapy patients can also benefit from Permanent Cosmetics as their eyebrows would be tattooed on.

2) In case you have low vision and it is very difficult to see to apply your make-up then this procedure is perfect for you as you would not have to worry about applying your make-up on daily basis, your eyeliner and lip make-up could be permanently applied.

3) In case you suffer from shaky hands which make it hard for you to apply your lip make-up or eyeliner accurately then this procedure is going to work well for you.

4) In case you have busy lifestyle mean you just don't have the time it takes to always look your best and attractive then Semi Permanent Make-Up could be the answer, by having your Lip Make- Up and Eyeliner permanently applied you would not have to spend time on daily basis that it takes to apply your make-up.

5) In case you have allergies to make-up then you may want to consider having your make-up tattooed on, you may never have to worry about allergic reactions to Lipstick or eyeliner in future.

6) In case you are suffering from Watery Eyes which always makes your eyeliner run and leaving a horrible mess then Permanent Eyeliner could be ideal solution for you.

7) In case you have had an operation which has left scarring or if you have been in an accident that has left you scarred you must consider having Semi permanent Make-Up to camouflage the scarring, it can be very effective and can help to reduce the appearance of scars.

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