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Semi Permanent Make Up - Don't Try This at Home

If you are not aware about semi permanent make-up where have you been?

It's fast becoming most demanding beauty treatment of the moment because of wonderful benefits it provides.

However, it is a serious procedure and it must be carried out in the right manner, by the right person in the right environment.

Before discussing about it in detail, let's just know why you might want to take the plunge and have this semi permanent make-up treatment.

Semi permanent make-up is also known as micro-pigmentation, permanent cosmetics and cosmetic tattooing, and in very basic terms the procedure involves the process of tattooing your make-up on, and is used to enhance your Eyebrows, Lips and Eyes.

The benefit of this semi permanent make up is incredible and this procedure is actually life changing for many female.

Few of the benefits include:

Time saving - now there is no need to worry about applying your make up on daily basis.

Look your best at all times - As your make-up is permanently on you simply look great all the time.

Confidence boost - If you are thinking because maybe you over plucked your eyebrows as a teenager, permanent cosmetics can work wonders for you, and you will no longer feel self-conscious about your brows any longer.

Medical - This can also be used for to help with medical conditions, for instance: if your eyelashes do not grow due to the reason you suffer from a certain condition that prevents them from growing, an eyelash enhancement technique can be used to make it appear as if you have eyelashes.

OK - Now you are aware of few of the tremendous benefits of using this great beauty procedure, let's discuss now why you shouldn't try this at home.

The main reasons are the below:

It's a procedure that must be carried out in a controlled and hygienic environment for safety reasons, you need to be relaxed and the technician needs everything to hand to ensure you get the perfect results you are looking for.

And, as mentioned above - your permanent cosmetics are a serious procedure and will be available on your face for several years to come.

Therefore, it is recommended to not try it at home, you may end up regretting it and it could be dangerous.

Go for a fully qualified, highly skilled and experienced technician who can carry out your procedure in a clean and safe controlled clinic that specialises in semi permanent make up.

Get in touch with Charlotte Taylor SPM if you are looking for Eyebrow tattoo Leeds and Eyebrow tattooing Leeds by a fully qualified, highly skilled and experienced technician having clinic which is located just 10 minutes from Leeds City centre and free parking is available for all clients!

Also, contact us for microblading in Leeds and Non surgical facelift Leeds at very competitive rates.

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