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Semi Permanent Make-Up Restores Lip Definition and Thinning Brows

Majority of women feel uncomfortable without their make-up and wish they had the natural beauty and self confidence to look attractive as soon as they wake up, or at the gym or beach. It would be great to save time every morning and need not worried about getting your eye liner on without any smudges, or a wobbly uneven line around the mouth.

For women who have thin lips that have lost their definition, semi permanent make-up is a cost effective solution to surgery or lip filler injections. Hair loss in the eyebrows caused by over plucking or ill health can also be disguised, and the shape of brows may be enhanced with these treatments.

A wide range of colours are available and your therapist will help to select the most suitable one for your skin tone. A liner pencil is used to draw the new outline of the lips, eye-brows or eye-liner, to ensure that you are happy with the anticipated outcome. Prior to treatment, an anaesthetic cream is applied to numb the area, and then the chosen colour is applied with a technique similar to tattooing.

Semi permanent make-up can be applied as a lunch hour treatment. Beauty salons may employ a specialist who visits various locations and can provide expert advice on what you desire. When selecting or finalizing a therapist, ask to see before and after pictures of clients they have actually treated, and ask how much experience they have.

An unevenly shaped mouth or hair loss in the eye-brows can be fixed by creating a newly defined shape, this can create fuller lips. You can now enjoy the freedom of not having to spend time and money applying make-up on daily basis, and enhance your natural looks without the need for cosmetic surgery.

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